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The vast SSSD sports complex comprises of separate ground for cricket, football, skating, tennis, cricket, volleyball, basketball, Kho Kho, Kabadi, long jump, high jump, Athletics, two swimming pools for out door games while separate rooms for chess, kerum, Table Tennis, Badminton, and in future a Gymnasium. The school has its sports academy with specialized coaches to give enhanced training to students who are up coming in various sports and intend excelling in the same. Every day students are trained by specialized coaches in their respective field and inter- school sports festival is held at the end of every semester. This helps to keep the students active and fit. The scheme of Physical education is so planned as to ensure the fullest and manifold development of the individuality of the child, enabling him to attain mental soundness, emotional stability, physical maturity and moral values. Games and sports are designed to involve all the students at the same time.