Shree Swaminarayan Sanskardham // Mandvi

About SSSD
Under Shree Narnarayan Dev Temple Bhuj

Shree Swaminarayan Sanskardham is run under Shree Narnarayan Dev Temple Bhuj. SSSD is second Gurukul of Bhuj Temple which was established in year 1998. SSSD - Mandvi have a large campus with natural garden and an attractive playground in which students can do extra curriculars and also learn many more. In SSSD, students can learn modern education along with various lifestyles of life.

Infrastructure of SSSD - Mandvi is surrounded with multi type trees which makes natural environment in gurukul and large Campus with many classrooms, computer lab, library, science lab, multimedia lab.

In SSSD - Mandvi there is qualified teachers with extra ordinary knowledge and available all resources related to courses and teaching methods in school. SSSD - Mandvi always try to increase student's confidence so at examination they cannot feel nervousness.

Goals of SSSD

More about SSSD :

About Hostel
SSSD - Mandvi have near about 100 rooms for student to stay with all facilities includes bathing every floor. There is a prayer hall to pray every morning and evening and dining hall for students to have healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Vision Of Gurukul
A learning community of motivated students in realizing the children's full human potential and imparting world class modern education to each student which encourage academic excellence, physical fitness and spiritual health and social awakening.
Mission Of Gurukul
At SSSD - Mandvi students can have an opportunity to achieve their full potential academically with a wide range of activities, in a disciplined environment that offers challenges at Every level.